Work that fulfills my passion
O'CANADA  Award of Excellence.jpg
O'CANADA Award of excellence presented to Myra for her outstanding Community work. 
Myra O CANADA AWARD 2019 1.jpg
Board Chair Mary Martin and Acting Chief Superintendant Holowka recognize Myra for receiving the O CANADA Award of Excellence for her exemplary national and international Community Volunteerism.
Bring presented the O"CANADA Award of Excellence by Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Human Rights Deepak Obhari, Former MLA Teresa Woo-Paw, Canadian Times Entrepreneur Shakeel Ahmed.  
church 1.jpg
St Lawrence's Catholic Church Karachi Pakistan. This church was the center of our lives.  So many awesome memories. The Boy School building at the back and the parish house on the side. The Girl's school that I attended is not visible but was behind the Boys School.  This is where we socialized and I learned how to ride the bike on the church grounds. 
Inside Church.jpg
Inside of the St Lawrence's Church. My parents were married in this church and my siblings and I received all our sacraments in this church. The choir and organ were upstairs where we practiced hymns and Christmas carols to go Carol singing for an entire week to all the Catholic homes in our parish, so much fun. 
Delighted to speak at St Timothy's Grade 12 graduation ceremony. Our students and staff make us proud. (Chief Superintendent Szumlas, Principal Wolske).
Was honored to speak at the  Canadian Citizenship Oath Ceremony welcoming new Canadians to our amazing country Canada.
Myra's speech Fireside sod turning new school June 4, 2021.jpg
Myra Sod Turning Fireside Cochrane June 4, 2021.JPG
Sod turning & blessing ceremony. Giving a speech thanking the Govt. for funding our Fireside School in Cochrane. In attendance: Education Minister LaGrange, Cochrane Mayor, MLA Guthrie, Fr. Denis, Chair Martin & Chief Superintendent Szumlas. 
Building homes for poor in Mexico.jpg
Distributing supplies to poor in Mexico.jpg
Annual trip with my two kids building homes in Rosarita Mexico with Amor Ministries, hard labor work but most rewarding.  The best part is giving the keys to the house to the new occupants along with a box full of goodies.  The little boy couldn't wait to get into it.  I was also the Spanish translator for the trip. 
Recognition lunch with Mayor Nenshi.jpg
Mayor Nenshi recognizes Myra at City Council for her extraordinary volunteer work and service as Commissioner with the Calgary Police Commission.
speech Pakistan day March 23 2018.jpg
Was invited by Pakistan Calgary Cultural Assoc. To speak about the contribution of religious minorities in Pakistan and the joy of volunteering. 
Award Ceremony with Chief of Police and Executive Director.jpg
Police Chief Roger Chaffin & Executive Director Elaine Wright spoke of Myra's service as Commissioner on the Calgary Police Commission at the Volunteer recognition dinner.
Police Commission Award.jpg
Police Chief presented Myra with a plaque for her service as a Police Commisioner.
As a member of the church choir in Karachi Pakistan, The Prayer of St. Francis was my favorite hymn. I loved singing it. 40 years later it is still my favorite hymn. 

Make me a channel of your peace
Where there is hatred let me bring your love
Where there is injury, your pardon Lord
And where there is doubt true faith in You

Where there is despair in life let me bring hope
Where there is darkness only light
And where there's sadness ever joy

Oh, Master grant that I may never seek
So much to be consoled as to console
To be understood as to understand
To be loved as to love with all my soul

Make me a channel of your peace
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned
It is in giving to all men that we receive
And in dying that we are born to eternal life

Where there's despair in life let me bring hope

Bishop William McGratten Nov 2018.jpg
With Bishop McGrattan at the Bishop's Annual Fundraising Dinner for Catholic Education and local charities.
The Calgary South Sudanese community hosted a dinner to thank members of Amnesty International for raising awareness of war and suffering in South Sudan.  Amazing dancing, food, and people. 
Guatemala, with local indigenous elders.  Was volunteering with the Cooperative to help market their amazing handmade crafts to the West.
Blessed Marie Rose Dec 2018 3.jpg
At the blessing and inauguration ceremony of one of my schools Blessed Marie Rose just before I gave my speech. ( Former Chief Superintendent Strother, Fr. Lavigne). 
The Offender Employment Fair was possible with the outstanding help of my amazing team from Corrections Canada, The John Howard Society, AVENTA, Area Director K Platt, and other partners.  
2019 Employment Fair resource Booths 1.jpg
I  have volunteered with Corrections Canada for 19 years and spearheaded the annual Employment Fair for offenders.  Obtaining employment and skills gives newly released offenders a chance to change their lives.  I was nominated for the James Murphy National Award to reduce crime in Canada.  This event has been featured nationally by Corrections Canada so it can be replicated. 
2017 Employer lunch & Learn.jpg
As a longtime volunteer with Corrections Canada, I initiated lunch & learn sessions with employers to educate them about challenges offenders face obtaining employment. These sessions influenced many organizations to change their hiring policies.  
2019 Employment Fair Team.jpg
I was blessed with an amazing team of volunteers who made the Offender Employment Fair such a success. Thanks to employees of the Parole office, John Howard Society, Aventa, Seven Step Society, Together we can change lives. 
Amazing musician & community builder Denis Grady hosted a luncheon to help me with my vision of building playgrounds and libraries in Indigenous communities. Was so touching to be supported by friends like Alvin Big Crow of Tsuut’ina Nation,  Chantal Chagnon traditional teachings, Ken Mann, Fr Roy, Johnny and others, Outstanding folks.
Giving a speech at the Blessing ceremony of one of my schools.  Trusteeship entails giving lots of speeches. 
Heading 6
One of the many jobs of a Trustee is giving speeches, many many speeches. Good thing I enjoy public speaking. I'm speaking to dignitaries and senior staff on the auspicious occasion of the blessing of the land & sod-turning ceremony of one of my schools St Josephine Bakhita. 
Awards Michelle Sister Madeline.jpg
Such an honor to be in the company & friend of Sister Madeline, the sweetest, kindest, faithful nun who doesn't shy away from speaking her mind. She was most deserving to receive the Alberta Catholic School Trustees Award. 
Supporting & celebrating indigenous culture especially when friends perform fills my heart with joy. 
Orange Shirt Day.jpg
Covid & isolation requirements did not prevent the trustees from showing our support on Orange Shirt Day for our indigenous students and community. 
Nov 22, '18 Mayor's Food Drive.jpg
Volunteering with my fellow trustees at the Mayor's Christmas Food Drive. 
Sod Turning St Josephine Bakhita School.jpg
Blessing and Sod Turning Ceremony of one of my Schools St Josephine Bakhita.  This is always a special occasion as we start our schools with prayers and thanks for our students, staff, & community.  Fr. Avi did the honors of blessing.
Volunteering in Northern Vietnam with indigenous ladies. Back-breaking fieldwork towing the land.  These ladies are hardy and taught me the value of labor while singing folk songs. Teamwork at its best. 
Vietnam volunteering with Indigenous Community.jpg
Mealtime is the best after working in the fields. Simple food, great hospitality.  Language comprehension was no barrier. Laughter was the language that ensued even more hearty stomach aching laughter. 
School kids Vietnam.jpg
Volunteering at a Catholic Convent with the cutest of cutie pie darlings in Vietnam. The nuns teach them to play musical instruments and calligraphy at this young age. Was fascinating to be part of this. I lived with the nuns in the Convent. 
Off with Assistant Mother Superior to the next home to help the poor. Such dedicated hard-working nuns, full of kindness. All the nuns ride motorbikes. That's next on my to do list.
Tried to skip the early 5:00 am Sunday Mass. Sister made sure she woke me up, told me to dress nicely for Mass as they all wear their best Black habits on Sundays. On weekdays they all wore blue shirts & trousers. So I wore my Vietnamese dress that that one of the nuns sewed for me.  
Sisters drop me off to the train station to make sure I don't get on the wrong train :). 
Vietnam Volunteering w disabled.jpg
Helping the amazing hardworking nuns in Vietnam teach disabled enthusiastic girls crafts. Soooo.... much fun.
Students surprised me with an amazing performance on my last day with them.  Had gotten very attached  & was sad leaving them. 
Guatemala orphanage volunteer.JPG
Working with special needs kids in Nicaragua.  Spent five weeks with them. Very special time. They sure taught me lots. 
Focus AGM 2017.jpg
 I  was the Master of Ceremony, 10th Anniversary celebrations of FOCUS.  An organization that helps isolated and abused seniors in Calgary. Proud to have served on their Board chairing the Governance Committee for several years.
At the central plaza in Oaxaca Mexico trying to get these adorable puppies adopted. Was able to bring 18 street dogs to Canada with the help of friends. Mexico is one of my favorite countries. Have traveled very extensively by myself, living with locals, driving through the country, and taking local transportation.  Such a blast!!
St Maria Goretti 2.jpg
St Maria Goretti 3.jpg
Annual Carnaval festival at St Maria Goretti School.  The students look forward to this event all year long. They love getting all dressed. This is such an amazingly fun event that even I can't wait to attend.
St Maria Goretti Carnevale.jpg
Our staff work so hard and go out of their way to make this a fun day for the kids. They all dress up and get in the groove. Thank you Principal Murray & Gwen for inviting me. It is so much fun to watch the kids have a blast and make lasting memories.
With Mother Superior and nuns in Vietnam on my last day volunteering at the orphanage and school.
St Bakita Lituragy.jpg
Was a joy to participate in selecting the name of our newest school St Josephine Bakhita, the blessing of the land, sod turning, and its first Liturgy service. So proud of our well-behaved students and hardworking staff. Thank you Principal Robinson for inviting me.
Presentation of Tribe shirt Jan 27, 2022 1.jpg
 I will wear this shirt with great pride.  Thank you so much for this precious gift and for welcoming me and making me a part of your lives.  I am honored to continue volunteering with the indigenous communities.
May 15, 2018 Our lady of Assumption 60th3.jpg
May 15, 2018 Our Lady of Assumption School 60th Anniversary.jpg
Speaking to dignitaries, offering my congratulations & cutting of the cake of Our Lady of the Assumption School's 60th anniversary. (Former Chief Superintendant Strother, Principal Welte, and Superintendent Diduch). 
Sept 15, 2019.jpg
Engaging & speaking at a panel discussion with politicians Minister Yaseen, MP Stephanie Kusie, Entrepreneur Shakeel of Canadian Times to bring attention to better education funding.