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                           Myra D'Souza

                                                     Calgary Catholic School Trustee 

                                                              Wards 1,2 & Cochrane N.W.

 Our kids, Our future, Our responsibility.

The educational landscape is fast-changing, it is vital now more than ever to elect experienced knowledgeable trustees with a proven track record who can effectively navigate challenges.

Myra is a true visionary and humanitarian who is a committed advocate of peace, social justice, and a strong voice at the board table. She is the recipient of the O'CANADA award of Excellence for her outstanding volunteerism and community service. She has started numerous programs benefiting thousands of seniors, and marginalized groups and helped reduce crime. Myra is an empathetic peoples person who really cares for everyone's well-being. 

Myra was selected as one of Canada's 50 Most Diverse Persons to sit on FP500 boards and has represented Canada at the United Nations on human rights, She has a strong connection to the Indigenous community, authentically engaging and volunteering with first nation communities. She served as a board member of the Calgary Urban Aboriginal Initiative (7 years), recruited Indigenous members to serve on Correctional Canada Board to have their voices heard, and advocated and voted to rename Bishop Grandin School. 

Myra has an excellent proven record in stakeholder relations, engaging with diverse community groups, politicians, parents, staff, school councils, and provincial associations. Myra works relentlessly for students, staff, and quality education and will continue to champion funding, infrastructure, transportation, and special programs to protect and strengthen the school district.

As Chair of the Audit Committee, Myra initiated & accomplished the implementation of Risk Mitigation tools to proactively protect the Calgary Catholic School District strategically.  This is a huge achievement that will safeguard our district long-term

Myra is committed to student/staff success and wellness, Indigenous education & culture, and faith formation. She has fervently advocated for diversity, inclusion, reconciliation, environmental stewardship, and the success of ALL students to become holistic global citizens.  

Myra does not support the government’s K-6 draft curriculum or piloting it in our schools. It does not support an indigenous perspective and cultural diversity and sets teachers and students for failure.                  






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Myra Cares
Myra Listens
Myra Speaks
Myra is YOUR Voice.
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Proud to be elected Chair of the Audit Committee by my fellow Trustees.


      As your Trustee, I've represented you as:

  • Vice-Chair of the Board.

  • Chair:   Audit Committee (600 million Budget) for the last two years.

  • Chair:   Chief Superintendent and Board Evaluation Committee.


        Board Representative:

  • St. Mary’s University

  • Grateful Advocates for Catholic Education.(GRACE)

  • Teachers’ Employment Bargaining Assoc. (TEBA)

  • Zone 5 Alberta Schools Boards Assoc. (ASBA)

  • Second Language Caucus (ASCA).

Commit your good works to the lord & your plans will be established.

(Proverbs 16:3)

                                    25+ YEARS BOARD GOVERNANCE LEADERSHIP

Get to know Myra by clicking above on:  "ABOUT MYRA & GALLERY"
  1. Certified Chartered Director designation C.Dir. (McMasters University DeGroot Business).

  2. Selected One of Canada's 50 Most Diverse Persons for Boards. 

  3. Board Governance Instructor (Govt. of Alberta Community Spirit)

  • Trustee:              Calgary Catholic School Board, and Chair of the Audit Committee.

  • Commissioner:    Calgary Police Commission.

  • Chair:                Corrections Canada Citizen’s Advisory (14 years)

  • Chair:                Outside Review Board, Corrections Canada

  • Director:             Calgary Co-op and Chair of Nominations, Member Relations. (7 yrs.)

  • Director:             FOCUS, and Chair of Governance Committee.  

  • Director:             Alberta Community Cooperative Assoc. (ACCA), Chair, Stakeholder Relations.

  • Director:             Southwest Communities Association (23 SW Communities)

  • Board Member:   National Investigative Board Corrections Canada

  • Board Member:   Calgary Urban Aboriginal Initiative. (7 yrs.)

  • Chair:                Federated Cooperatives Saskatoon (250 national Cooperatives).